Standard supervisor.

  • With its clear and user-friendly interface, its numerous features and great reliability, the IBOX V3 is very easy to use. You don’t even need to learn how it works, thanks to its modern interface. While competitors are still trying to catch up with us, the technologies we used in the IBOX V3 give a very confortable advance to it.



  • 254 controllers per IBOX V3
  • 508 cards readers (all technologies)
  • 1 RS485 bus, expandable to 8
  • 16.000 users
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited access profiles
  • 64 daily schedules ( 3 periods a day)
  • 64 weekly schedules
  • 32 holiday periods
  • Management of 254 elevators
  • Users credit (1 to 254 passages allowed)
  • Limited/unlimited validity of users
  • Users list
  • Arming and forcing badges
  • Remote management of the doors
  • Anti-passback system, local or per area
  • Constrained access management
  • Photos of events
  • Email of events
  • Unlimited software operators
  • Log file of operators actions
  • Automated backup
  • Database import/export
  • Date and time setting, manually or via ntp host
  • Network configuration via the interface
  • Dynamic research
  • Export/Import of CSV files
  • Online help with videos
  • Parking lot management (STD+ version)
  • Automatisms management (STD+ version)
  • … and many other features you will be pleased to discover.


IBOX V3 MC (+)

Multi-companies supervisor

  • No matters the number of companies you need to secure, the IBOX V3 manages and controls all the access for you. No need to enter the data several times. You can rely on its technology with eyes closed.
Same specifications than the standard version, plus multi-companies management. One single IBOX V3 for several companies in the same building.


Multi-bus supervisor.

  • IBOX V3 MB (multi-bus). Or how to manage 4.080 doors ! A system without any competitors. That’s it!

Same specifications than the MC+ version, plus you can split the entire system on 8 RS485 bus (of 255 controllers each), meaning an amazing amount of 4.080 managed doors. A D8RS distributor is required.

IBOX V3 restrained module

Included in all versions.

  • IBOX V3 restrained module. Diplay a smaller interface for quick entry. Creation of a random code, and setting of the delay (in minutes) before it’s erased. Selection of the number of time an user is allowed to use his card (1 to 254, settable in the system parameters). Ticket printing.