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How to set / change the RS485 address of the XM200 controller?
Press and release the [Reset MicroP] button and immediately after, press and hold the [Reset Histo] button until the “New Address” message appears on the LCD display.

To increase the value, press the [Reset Badges] button, to decrease the value, press the [Reset Histo] button. Once the address is selected, press the [Reset MicroP] button to confirm. The new address is operational.

How to change the RS485 bus speed of the XM200 controller?

Press and release the [Reset MicroP] button and immediately after, press and hold the [Reset Buttons] button until the “New Speed” message appears on the LCD display.

To go to 19200 baud, press the [Reset Badges] button, to go to 9600 baud, press the [Reset Histo] button. Once the speed is selected, press the [Reset MicroP] button to confirm. The new speed is operational.

Be careful to also change the speed on the IBOX software (all versions except MB because the speed is managed by the distributor D8RS and must remain at 9600 baud on the XM200 controllers).

How to change the firmware version on a controller?
We regularly update firmware versions of our controllers. For this reason, we suggest that you go to the [Download] page to verify the existence of a new version.

To update the firmware of a controller, download it and then unpack the ZIP file into a folder that you will have access to. Go to the [Controller] menu and then edit the controller you want to update. Then go to the [Firmware update] tab and specify with the [Select File] button which firmware you want to send to the controller. Once the firmware is selected, a button will appear to allow you to start the update.

We recommend that you perform this update only if the RS485 communication is correct. You can see the correct operation by clicking on the menu [Controller Logs].

How to save my data?
The IBOX V3 Supervisor performs daily backups on its own disk. These backups must however be retrieved by you on your PC or Mac. In case of a supervisor’s disk crash, you would not have any data to restore, which involves reconfiguring the entire system from the beginning.

If you make significant changes, you do not have to wait for automatic backup (at 9:00 PM). You can do this manually and recover the backup easily. To do this, go to the [System] menu and click [Database]. Then click the [Save DB] button. Your backup will be available at the top of the list. Then click on the [Download] button to retrieve it on your machine.

Attention! The [Reset DB] button resets the IBOX V3 to the factory mode. All your data will be erased. It is recommended that you use this function only before restoring a database.

Can I turn off the IBOX V3 Supervisor by turning off the power supply?
It is strongly advised not to turn off power to the IBOX V3 during operation, as this may result in the loss of all data on the CFAST SSD.

If you want to turn off the supervisor, go to the [System Preferences] menu and go to the [Tools] tab. Click the [Stop IBOX Server] button to stop it cleanly.

What is the Queue menu ?
You will find on the [Queue] page all actions that were unable to reach one or more controllers due to a lack of communication with them. If controllers are available, you can run the queue. Thus, the changes you have made (adding badges, etc.) will be transmitted to the concerned controllers.
How to search for a particular event?
Go to the [Events] menu and click [All Events]. You can search for events by date range by checking the appropriate box at the top of the page and then entering the relevant dates.

You can also search for any event related to what is displayed in any of the columns on the screen. Simply write to the [Search] field to see the associated events displayed instantly.

I do not see all events on screen
Events are displayed in chronological order. The most recent events appear at the top of the list on page 1. To view previous events, go to the next page or view the number of items to see by clicking on the drop-down list at the top right of the screen. Screen (Show xxx items).

Only events from the current month and the previous month are displayed on the screen. To see events prior to the previous month, click on the [Events] menu and then click [Archive]. A list of all CSV backups is displayed. Simply download the archive of the selected month and import it into your spreadsheet (EXCEL, etc.).



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